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Railway Minister confirms import of 9 New Locomotives

ISLAMABAD – Khuwaja Saad Rafique confirmed that 9 New Railway Locomotives  reached Karachi on Facebook and twitter.

These Engines are imported from China once again which only looks modern but the life span and Durability is not efficient as compared to German or Japanese made Railway Engines.


Which on INCPak official Facebook page visitor commented ” Something is better than Nothing” which seems we are compromising with technology , durability and efficiency at most but why?Railway

When Pakistan is paying full price why can’t we import better Locomotives which can stay on track for decades, instead of Quantity why aren’t we paying attention on the Quality for the long run. These unreliable Chinese locomotives would be double costly In maintenance as compared German and Japanese Locomotives.

Railway Minister Mr.Rafique also mentioned about Main line 1 from Peshawar to Karachi work will start within a year this main line connects Karachi with Khyber and currently there are no good trains running on this route. Only Karachi to Lahore been the center of Attention meanwhile Quetta To Karachi seems completely ignored .

Hope Railway Minister is taking positive steps to improve Pakistan Railways structure, considering the demand which is not limited to Karachi to Lahore but almost every corner of Pakistan in these 4 remaining years.

Bilours era was the worst one for Pakistan Railways one thick reason Mr.Bilour owns shares in Daewoo Express Bus services so when a transport becomes Railway Minister why would he benefit Pakistan Railway?

Mr.Rafique does not own shares and has already shown improvement in Pakistan Railways since day 1 he took the office.

We appreciate his work and wish him best of luck and avoid unreliable Chinese engines import in the future.