Rawalpindi : Imambargah and Mosque set on fire , Trustee burnt alive

Breaking News : Pakistan ‘s capital, Islamabad , Rawalpindi, the twin city of Cambridge Education Foundation after the assassination of the deputy superintendent Mufti Amanullah banned ASWJ ( SSP ) and jmat Ulema Islam Fazl group scene in the city has . Tayran banned terrorist organization , hundreds of terrorists in the market completely burned mosque and Imambargah trustee is burned alive , was killed on the spot .

Taliban militants reportedly attacked Places Tair Shah martyred trustee is true, that there are reports of the burning of the mosque.

The pro-government police remained silent spectators, Shia homes and mosques raises hussainis watching. The auspices of the pro-government Sunni hostility and Wahhabism has been defined.

Source : Shia News Association

Once again, sectarian violence outraging in Pakistan, Mainstream local private channels are not reporting about this News, Media Personals are not allowed to cover the incident.

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