What is Grey Traffic? Telephone companies in different countries use a variety of International telecom routes to send traffic to each other, These can be White, Grey or Black.

White  is, in the telecommunications business, is a route in which both source and destination are legal termination. Black route which is a route that is illegal in both ends while the Grey route which defines a route that is legal for one country or the party on one end, but illegal on the alternative end.

Grey routes are arrangements that fall outside the regular course of business between the licensed telecoms companies in each country. The grey part of the route is usually at the far end where the call is terminated. Up to that point, there are normal arrangements to deliver the call from the subscriber to the sending carrier and between the sending carrier and the satellite or cable operator for the trunk part of the call. The grey-ness arises because at the far end the call is made to appear as if it originates locally, as a domestic call, rather than a more expensive international call. This is the reason why we get a international call with the domestic number.

So, come to the main reason why the Grey Traffic is highlighted in the post is that It is a type of corruption happening in Pakistan, which causes loss more than 1 billion dollar yearly.

According to committee, PTA does not have the capability to monitor the incoming and outgoing calls traffic which is causing a loss of $ 1 billion per annum. PTA is only capable of monitoring 13% of the traffic, the committee learnt.

Recently PTA ( Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ) Taken serious action against Grey Traffic and Started Toll Free number and SMS to report such cases in Pakistan, In this screenshot you can see clearly the Numbers where to report, free of cost.

Grey Traffic

Don’t forget to report.

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