Some of the reowned online sources published the warning about Heat wave expected after Pakistan Met department updated on the official website and surprisingly without confirming the facts and figures, News fellas availed the opportunity and published it right away.

18th October 2017 Weather Updates PK – Shared on the facebook earlier today that NO HEATWAVE EXPECTED!

NO Heatwave

(Screenshots clearly shows 5 hours earlier)

There’s a simple reason to believe Weather Updates Pk because they are not HaramKhors (Corrupt) they are being fair with the followers and inform them if there is any warning.

Earlier on 16th October published the following post

I can’t believe when CTO INCPak tagged me on the news published by Propakistani  four hours earlier they just followed blindly as Samaa News website published Heatwave alert news followed by PMD Corrupt Forecasters.

According to reliable Weather source like BBC and CNN – Karachi’s weather will be partially cloudy on 19th and 20th October with Maximum temperature may soar 38C on Friday the 20th. Indeed it will be hot day but as hot to be warn the people and create havoc.

Karachi Weather - Heatwave

There is no need to get panicked about the weather or any heatwave this year last one has just crossed and it’s over.

Cannot say anything to PMD fellas they are Khalifas but to well-educated News sites and  bloggers kindly verify the news from various sources before publishing it, Heatwave news creates distressed among people, kindly be factual and responsible with your visitors and readers – It’s never about Ranking on Google Keyword Heatwave in Karachi.



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