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Blue Line Train Service expected to start from 14th August

Pakistan Railways – Government is planning to start  Blue Line Train Service Karachi to Peshawar route with state of the art facilities provided earlier in Green Line Train Service Islamabad to Karachi.

Adding a new Train Blue Line Train Service is expected to start from 14th August 2015, However the news is still unconfirmed about the route.

The News shared on P R  Pakistan Railways Facebook Page, which keeps Facebook users update about the Pakistan Railways general information timings and schedules.

Blue Line Train Service

The Nation published confusing news  o_O

Rawalpindi: The Pakistan Railways has decided to launch a new blue line express train service from Rawalpindi to Karachi from August. An official said that all preparations were under way for developing bogeys of the train in a railway carriage factory. A green line express train is already operating from Rawalpindi to Karachi.
The official said that the green line express will leave the Rawalpindi station at 11am while the blue line express will leave for Karachi at 2:30. Meanwhile, Pakistan Railways authorities have withdrawn a subsidy given on fare of Tezgam express and other trains. The AC sleeper’s fare has now been raised from Rs 3,700 to Rs 4,800 after the subsidy withdrawal.

why Pakistan Railway would want to start another train service from the same platform? Due to this confusion INCPak has contacted P R Pakistan Railways page admin to clearify this news, make it more authentic whether the Blue Line Train Service going to start on Karachi to Peshawar route or Karachi to Rawalpindi ?

We’ll update the post as we get confirmation from our sources !