KPK Highway Authority’s Official website being used for malware and adwares

Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority’s official website is being used for personal earnings as Malware and Adwares downloadable Entertainment blog.

Not many people must be aware of this,  .Gov ” Government ” sites has the highest ranking on google search and when you place anything on these domains – It saves you from SEO ” Search Engine Optimization ” Job.

But guess what, Proper SEO work done and Authorities are completely unaware of it, Some professional work is done and it’s visible there, Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority’s website is not HACKED but Webmasters are mingling with it by placing entertainment blog with an extension /soft adding downloadable malwares and adwares with adult search keywords.

If you visit the website normally you will see this

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority Home

Now let’s see the dark side of the PKHA


NOTE : Kindly don’t download anything from there, The download link downloads a software blocked by antiviruses !

That’s not all folks, When you click on the /soft extension have a look at the right-bottom you will see the STATS figures as well what are they offering there, Here’s a quick screenshot before they wipe it off from the web.


Boobs Girl Milk ? Scout Creampie Girls Surprise ? :@  I think it’s time for CM  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to take some serious action against this.

Why would Webmaster do such thing on the .Gov website or the website has been hacked? The answer is Its very difficult that someone else is doing it with out them knowing or in their knowledge.

KPK Authorities must ensure that the sites are in safe hands and they are not messing up with their reputation like this KPK Highway Authority’s Official website being used for malware and adwares.

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