Sarai Naurang – Saturday around 12 afternoon Pak Army soldiers did the operation Dural Huda nearly around 7 to 8 vehicles filled with troops entered in Madarsa, few Student ( Talibs ) and one (Mufti) got injured in firing by Pakistan Army, Army cordon of entire area no one was allowed to enter or leave. After the operation ended Pak Army took ( Talibs ) students along with them.

Over here in this area no one feels safe these army people came from same place ( Lakki Marwat ) specifically serai naurang where a week back Taliban’s attacked Pak Army Check post, in which 13 Pak Army soldiers killed while 12 militants and 10 civilians also died , after which Pakistan Army taking people into their custody on a doubt basis that they might be linked for the investigation after investigation and their doubts are cleared they leave them , After this Madarsa operation now the locals fear , no body can ask Pakistan Army  even before this Army took many people in their custody for the investigation purpose few of them were tortured to death there while interrogation meanwhile locals are scared of such operations.

Report by : Umer Marwat

INCPak ~ Voice Of the People ~

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