Earlier today Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Saqib Nisar summoned Dr. Shahid Masood, senior anchor person of a private media channel on his revelations he made last night about Zainab’s murder that he has over 37 foriegn currency bank accounts. Dr. Shahid also claimed that the accused is neither a mentally ill person nor a ordinary mason which is proven by military intelligence report.

A while back, screenshot of a MI-Ops C Branch profile of Imran Ali Naqashbandi (accused) was leaked and has been circulating on social media platforms. Proving Dr. Shahid’s claim of number of existing bank accounts, the profile lists 50 bank accounts in different banks, both private and government owned, in many cities of Pakistan.

Screenshots Leaked

Leaked Military Intelligence Profile of Zainab's Murderer

Leaked Military Intelligence Profile of Zainab's Murderer

Another curiosity that arises from the leaked profile is in the last section. This section lists the military checkpoints through which the accused has passed. The profile states that he passed a military checkpoint near Special Communication Organisation (A military owned Telecom) Headquarters in Rawalpindi at 2:18 PM on 23rd of January.

This begs the question that what was the accused doing in a military area in Rawalpindi that day. Was he picked up by MI and later handed over to Punjab Police? If so, how can the Punjab government claim the credit for the arrest and if they were working with MI, why didn’t CM Punjab mention the number of accounts he had? Instead CM Shehbaz declared him a mason and mentally ill person.

Whatever the truth might be, it seems that Dr. Shahid Masood was well aware of the report/profile of Imran whereas CM Punjab either didn’t knew or deliberately didn’t mention this.

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