Petrol Prices in Pakistan April 2018  – ISLAMABAD: The government has reduced the price of petrol by Rs 2.07 per litre in a reshuffle of rates of petroleum products, Earlier The regulator on Friday recommended in a summary to the Petroleum Division that the price of petrol shall be reduced by Rs5.26 per litre bringing the rate down from the existing Rs 88.7 to Rs 82.81 per litre.

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Petrol Prices in Pakistan MAY 2018 

Petrol Prices in Pakistan April 2018


Petrol Prices in Pakistan April 2018

Rs.86 per litre

Petrol Prices in Pakistan April 2018, petrol will now be available at Rs.86 per litre, the Finance Ministry said in a statement.

The rate of diesel has also gone down by Rs2, after which it would now be available at Rs.96.45 per litre.

The price of kerosene oil witnessed no change and it would continued to be sold at Rs76.46 per litre, the statement said.

Similarly, light diesel oil would also have the same price i.e. Rs65.30 per litre.

The new prices will take effect from 12am on April 1.

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