Gujranwala train accident JIT Report and Images

Investigations into Gujranwala train accident reveal that one of the wheels of a railcar had derailed which led to the big mishap that resulted in a loss of at least 18 precious lives.

The investigation report cites the dilapidated track and the bridge as the main culprit for the tragedy.

It said the train lost balance after the driver pulled the breaks following derailment of the bogie, causing the train to plunge into a canal.

Moreover, nut and bolts found some 400 meter from the scene of the incident have also been sent to a forensic laboratory.

Sources said the investigations have not yet ruled out the possibility of sabotage.

On July 2nd, 2015 –  18 people were killed when four bogies of a special train carrying Pakistan military troops and their families to Kharian fell into a canal near Jamke Chattha in Gujranwala.

Gujranwala train accident Images 

Earlier on Friday Joint Investigation Team

Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on Friday inspected the scene of Gujranwala train accident and also collected important evidence on this occasion. Sources claim that Railways officials tried to remove theevidence before the team arrived. No proofs of sabotage were found, however.

According to the sources, Railways officials tried to fix the affected track before the team’s arrival. This could have led to removal of the evidence as well. The JIT inquiry also says that the accident took place because of fault in the track, not because of collapsing of the bridge. Traces of the engine and the bogies traveling on the track can be found up to 70 meters.

In his statement recorded by the JIT, Divisional Engineer Railway Farman Ghani also admitted some fault in the track.

Evidence also says that the engine went off the track some 250 meters before the bridge.

The JIT will scrutinize the inspection record of the Bridge No. 278 in Lahore Headquarters on Saturday and will also recordthe statements of the concerned authorities. The initial report is expected to be handed over to the federal government by Sunday evening.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Javed Anwar has said that repair of the track might have been attempted for removing the bogies. He said that joint rating of the tracks has been recorded and more facts will surface after the engine is taken out of the water.

Gujranwala train accident


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