Imran Khan’s Message from the Hospital to the nation

PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s message to the nation from the hospital while laying on the bed was one of the remarkable message and simple one in which he conveyed to the nation. Head injuries may take 6 to 8 weeks to recovery, but hopefully he will back soon.

In his message Imran Khan Said ( Translated in English )   ” Since 17 Years I have been fighting for my country specially the last 5 years you all have witnessed and next 5 years ahead you all won’t be able to sustain/resist – I myself will resist and sustain but you know how this nation is surviving, Now I have done whatever I could do for my country and I did because Allah blessed me but on the 11th may decide your destiny now it is time for you to take the responsibility to make Naya Pakistan it is not my battle but it is yours for your own children, to be live like a human to get justice and live with harmony don’t see who is standing from PTI’s platform from your constituency  but vote for the change.

He also Quote – Quran  ” Allah doesn’t change the destiny of those nations, until they don’t stand for themselves “

The message was filled with the spirit, He is the man of honor no doubt about it.

Here’s a clip of the message in Urdu taken from Local media Channel since INCPak yet hasn’t started it’s own video service.


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