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Long March : Qadri accused Punjab Government of harassing TMQ workers

LAHORE: It is a march for democracy, it is a march against looters and plunders ruling in Islamabad and Lahore, it is a march against the evil forces, it is a march of the exploited poor people against the exploiters, it is a march against the oppressors by the oppressed people, the corrupts and the persecutors of the weak and poor would InshAllah be wiped out forever, said Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran chief Tahirul Qadri prior to setting out of Lahore leading the march to Islamabad.

In his diatribe, Qadri accused Punjab government of harassing TMQ workers and seizing vehicle hired for the march. He said that his security vehicles were also snatched by the provincial government and all the cities were blocked.

“It is a march to topple Yazeedi Empire, I declare the march as a democracy march,” it is a march for the people sobbing in Quetta with over hundred bodies, Qadri said.

He demanded of the federal government to dissolve the Balochistan government for its failure to protect lives of people.