LAHORE: President Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Nawaz Sharif Monday suggested that the offer made by Taliban for a dialogue process should be given a serious thought for a lasting peace in the region.

“Economy thrives in peace, not war, especially on terrorism. We must sit on the table to negotiate peace and end the state of war”, said he addressing a convention of the PML-N’s elected candidates here at Alhamra Hall.

“All options should be tried, and guns are not a solution to all problems,” Nawaz said.

Nawaz said the culture of overturning governments through agitation on the streets must come to an end.

He said May 11 proved to be a ‘Day of Judgement’ and that’s exactly how civilized nations judged their leaders.

PML-N president, who is also all set to be the next prime minister of Pakistan for the third time, said he had always followed the law and constitution without violating the either.

“We never breached the code of ethics during our election campaign and are adamant to adhere to our policy down the line”, said he.

Nawaz Sharif added that completing its legitimate tenure was every mandate winning party’s inviolable right.

Assuring full cooperation from the center, Nawaz said that Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) form the government in Sindh as it was their mandatory right.

“If the people of Sindh have reposed their mandate in PPP and MQM then they must deliver. The centre will do all that it can to help the PPP and MQM to improve law and order situation in Karachi.”

He said Pakistan was faced with a multitude of challenges, which needed to be overcome.

Commenting on aggravating power crisis, he said it had turned into a genie that must be bottled before long.

“We spun into action since the day (May 11) we were voted in. We are trying our best to ease the menace of power loadshedding, however, I am afraid I cannot announce a deadline that we have set for ourselves in this regard”, said he.

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