ISLAMABAD: The federal interior ministry has directed officials at airports across the country to bar former President  and Co-Chairman PPPP Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur from going abroad.

The decision to put the names of PPP Co-Chairperson Zardari and ex-MNA Faryal Talpur on Exit Control List was taken on Supreme Court’s order.

Asif Zardari and his sister are facing charges for involvement in alleged money laundering involving billions of rupees. The Federal Investigation Agency is investigating the case.

The Supreme Court took notice of the FIA’s investigation into the money laundering case involving 29 fake accounts at three bank, allegedly set up to funnel stolen money and kickbacks.

The vice-chairperson of Summit Bank, Hussain Lawai, who is also Zardari’s close aide, has already been arrested in the case.

Lawai is the chairperson of the Pakistan Stock Exchange and head of Summit Bank.

Apart from Lawai, Anwar Majeed, Taha Raza, Abdul Ghani Majeed, Aslam Masood, Arif Khan, Noorain Sultan, Kiran Aman and Adeel Shah Rashidi have also been implicated in the case.

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