ANP ready to hand over ‘wanted men’ to authorities

KARACHI: Awami National Party ( ANP )  Sindh chapter president Senator Shahi Syed has offered law enforcement agencies that they can inform his party if any member of his party is wanted by them in order to hand over such elements to law enforcers.

Addressing a press conference at his residence Mardan House on Wednesday, Shahi Syed said that he was making this offer because after the Rangers raid on MQM headquarters Nine Zero it had been repeatedly demanded by the MQM chief that raids were also carried out on the Mardan House and an action against an alleged armed wing of the ANP was carried out.

Welcoming these statements, Mr Syed said that it was the ANP which had demanded before any other party to hand over Karachi to the army and cleanse the city of weapons.

He said he had also tabled a resolution in Senate and got it passed through it to dewaponise the city.

He said during the last tenure of the PPP government when the ANP was part of the government in the centre and provinces, on the night of April 1st in 2012 the Rangers carried out a raid on ANP office Bacha Khan Markaz, but instead of staging a protest the party welcomed the raid while on the other hand the MQM was continuously calling for action against his party.

He said the solution to restore peace to Karachi was presented by the apex court and it presented four proposals— holding of fresh census and fair elections, depoliticise the police force, cleanse the city of all sorts of weapons and elimination of the armed wings of political parties.

Mr Syed said that the ongoing operation should continue without any discrimination.

Published in Dawn, March 19th, 2015

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