Before making Karachi a Smart city make it a City

Karachi – Seems like Sharjeel memon is following the footsteps of Chief Minister Sindh ” Qaim Ali Shah ” Cheap Drunk fella,  Memon came up with Smart City plan, for the city which don’t even have proper Public Transport yet.

Before Making Karachi a Smart City, Make it a City worth living in – Recently 5th Blackout in Karachi shows how KElectric delivering what it promised to the citizens.

By giving free WiFi nothing gonna get resolved, Porch areas like Clifton don’t have water supply since 1947 still the residents rely on Water Tanker mafia which is headed by Sharjeel Memon himself.

INCPak raised the issues, time and again kindly read the posts before you move any further,

Traveling By Public Transport in Karachi

Public transport in karachi


Public Transport in Karachi


Public Transport  Never Stops at Bus Stand
Public Transport Never Stops at Bus Stand

Ignoring the necessities and moving toward the smartness proves how fool our administration is, they have failed to deliver completely, Only Rangers bought the peace back in the city but that won’t be for long, since after a month Ranger’s special powers will be rolled back and corrupt political parties will rule Karachi once again.

There is no point of making Karachi a smart city, heard that Chinese companies showed their interest, I hope some of them visit the streets of Karachi before fixing CCTVs which are already there and Free Wifi for the citizens take a look at the issues which people are facing, try resolving them first.

Seriously those who wants to use Internet they can afford, Free Wifi isn’t that essential at all and CCTV camera nobody is interested in viewing them as well, Keep the Smart thingy uptill yourself, Last time I heard this news from Bilawal Bhutto Zardari ( PPP Chairman ) Oxford Graduate don’t know about the reality at all. Stop Playing Politics with the lives of the innocent citizens and provide the essential necessities first.

Sindh Government has never resolved anything at all, If you don’t believe me, get on the streets take a public transport heading toward Sadar area, visit the Government Hospitals why the hospitals which are getting billions are unable to serve and Non Profit Organization’s hospital like ” Indus Hospital ” are delivering, simple  it’s just because they aren’t corrupt like our Government.

Atleast Chief Minister of Punjab ” Shahbaz Sharif ” has delivered even after billions of criticisms – Lahore and Rawalpindi has Metro Bus Service, while work in progress continues in Multan.

Mega city Karachi has no Public Transport facility, horrible buses with totally unethical drivers and conductors still cruising at the speed of light in Karachi, Traffic Police and Karachi Administration don’t seem serious on this issue at all.

What Karachi needs

– Proper Public Transport

– Water supply

– Uninterupted Power Supply

– Peace

– Clean and Green City

Please spend the funds on the city instead of filling your bank with uncountable money.

Talk about the real issues, People don’t care about Free Wifi , solar panels street lights and CCTV camera.

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