As we all know the Current Heated conditions in Karachi and adjoining lower sindh is due to a depression developing off-coast Gujrat over Arabian sea. We also mentioned about this system few days ago that might go upto a Tropical Storm stage by 22nd-24th June 2015.

2nd Cyclone in the month of June 2015.

UPDATE : Where Cyclone Heading now ? 

Well as per current forecasting models and ground analysis this system is already at depression stages and is intensifying at phenomenally fast and may become a Tropical Cyclone in next 2-3 days. YES! a 2nd cyclone in the month of June, if that happens then this would be a very very Rare Situation over Arabian Sea in decades.

Cyclone Komen

As per current models this storm is likely to move towards Sindh-gujrat border and will landfall by 25th-26th June BUT RITE NOW THINGS ARE VERY UNCERTAIN WEATHER AGENCIES AROUND THE WORLD ARE TRACKING THIS UN-USUAL STORM so its path is still unknown.

The Joint typhoon warning center (JTWC)is also monitoring this system and have already issued advisory on it.

Where as Pre-monsoon showers have begun in extreme lower Sindh Thar , Umerkot , Badin , Thatta and adjoining areas and the Rain activity is likely to increase.

As for Karachi its still burning at 42’C rite now and likely to continue for next 24-36 hours, how ever due to this insane heat and unusual convection presence over the skies of Karachi isolated drizzle / lite showers are expected in different parts of the city from today onwards also short range Cola models are showing some very good Rainfall on 24th – 26th June 2015, but we will update on this situation timely as the developing cyclone is causing soo much disturbance rite now.

Admin: Jawad Jawed
FOR: Weather Updates PK.

INCPak will keep you updated, Special Thanks to Weather Update Pk for providing the details about the emerging Cyclone Komen in Arabian sea, which is about to approach Karachi, Sindh. The current status of Cyclone Komen is shown in the figure below.

Cyclone Komen

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