FIR Registered Number 253/2012


Got done with the FIR at Police station here’s the copy of it, FIR number 253/2012

Police Registered the FIR in a friendly way without any hassle  where now I have to talk to the CPLC who said that , China Mobile cannot be detected, Qmobile Noir A8 has unique IMEI number how can CPLC say it cannot be detected, which means they still don’t have sufficient technology? I have forwarded the copy of this FIR to Respectable Authorities specially ( Interior and Home Ministry , Islamabad )

Pointing the location to the police where on the one side State Bank Front Gate on the other Burj Bank , Bank of Punjab , Dubai Islamic , Summit Bank and Kasb Bank is right exactly from that location less than 200 meters Police HQ is located Street Crime on the most secure RED ZONE area is not that easy as it seems. I will take all the positive initiatives to get my mobile phone recovered as a journalist it is like torturing and abandoning me from working freely.

Farhan Imaan




  1. A8 Have MTK6577, and it's IMEI could be changed but i am highly sure that a few Knows How. Detection is a little trikcy but at least IMEI should be blocked, for Next time you should install Anti-Teft softwares Like Avast,MobiUcare.

    Whenever SIM card Changes, Software will report you with LAT/LONG Position and also give to control to request position anytime anonymously.

    So no need for CPLC.

    • for now i have sent the copy this FIR to ministries as well as IO's duty to find out else I know very well police knows who does the crime on that street , if they did not fairly coordinated ( recovered my phone ) i will take further steps toward police.

  2. so its not safe to buy qmobile i think…as they cant be detected by cplc….if snatched or lost….am i right?

    • that's what it sounds like but i will do my best to drill inside now it is not the matter of my only mobile but CPLC's Open Crime and a Lie


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