Job interviewee Owais Baig 23, loses his life

Neatly dressed like any other job applicant eager to attend an interview, Owais Baig aged 23 arrived at the State Life building on Abdullah Haroon Road for a job interview.

At approximately 11am a fire broke out on the first floor engulfing other floors, forcing Owais to escape from the window, carefully hanging on hoping for someone to help as by standers watch.

According to the fire brigade service officials, they were informed late as they tried to extinguish the fire themselves, stating that the boy could have been saved if they informed them on time.

Before the eyes of ordinary people watching Owais anxiously, a sad ending occurred. Owais had Fallen from the building, however it is not yet ascertained whether he jumped or fell after losing his grip. The body of Owais had been taken to JPMC where he succumbed to

530280_474756832576889_286271484_ninjuries as most of his bones were broken and he died shortly upon arriving at the hospital.

Fire brigades managed to evacuate the rest of the people and distinguish the fire, however some people fell unconscious and were shortly released after being taken to the hospital.


A petitioner states that no effort was made to save the young mans life, despite hundreds of people gathering to watch near Zainab market.

The Sindh High Court has ordered that a case be lodged into the case under the supervision of DIG Sultan Khawaja

During proceedings on Monday, the mother of Owais Baig who fell to his death from the eight floor during the State Life Building fire was present in the court.

Petitioner Nadeem Sheikh said if rescue officials had used a jumping sheet, Owais Baig could have been saved.

INCPak is also one of the petitioners, we are not going to sit in silence and live with fear.

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