Karachi and Kashmore Grid stations caught fire

Karachi :  Grid station in south zone caught the fire, due to which many areas are in the dark since 3 days, yet KESC is struggling to fix it, meanwhile protesters protested outside and stoned KESC office.

A while back the fire erupted in unit #6 of Guddu Thermal Power House, Kashmore, tripping thirteen more units in the wee hours of Monday.

Due to the tripping of the units the power supply to Sindh and Balochistan were halted. Fire brigade teams are currently trying to extinguish the fire.

Sources said that electricity supply to various areas was suspended due to rainfall last day. While restoring the power supply fire broke out in unit #6 of Guddu Thermal Power House because of over loading.

Kashmore, Kandhkot, Tangwani, Shikarpur and Jacobabad in Sindh are facing power shortage while in Balochistan the affected areas are Jafferabad, Naseerabad, Jhal Magsi and various other areas.

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