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Karachi : Celluar Networks services suspended till 6 pm ~ Terror Threats ~

Karachi – Just the news got in now 12:37 am  that Government has suspended all the celluar networks service in Karachi only till 6 pm, without any officially notification.
Terror threats: mobile service suspended in Karachi
Mobile phone signals will remain suspended in Karachi up to 6pm today due to terror threats.

Officials say there are intelligence reports of terrorists’ activities in the city during the Juma prayers.

It is the first the time service has been suspended without any notification. currently no celluar network including PTCL V wireless all are inactive.

The only confirmation came by Radio Pakistan.



ڪراچي ۾ شام 6 وڳي تائين موبائيل سروس بند

ڪراچي ….. حڪومت ڪراچي ۾ موبائيل فون سروس اڄ صبح 11 وڳي کان شام 6 وڳي تائين بند رکڻ جو فيصلو ڪيو آهي. جنهن کان پوءِ موبائيل فون سروس بند ٿي وئي آهي. ذريعن مطابق پشاور ۾ به موبائيل فون سروس بند ڪرڻ جو امڪان آهي.

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