After one of the horrific day, in which people almost felt like Now Army going to Tackle since the Chief Of Army Staff and Chief Justice of Pakistan are also in Karachi. MQM suddenly messed the daily routine life of millions almost for nothing.

The reason told by the MQM Spoke person was about Abbas Town in which around ( 49 ) Killed Bombing, to catch the culprits till than Strike called earlier today but later new flyer said Another meeting held and press conference expected at 8 o clock in which all were invited followers , party leaders and workers.

On which it was the end of the today’s show when Statement came MQM takes back indefinite shut down appeal.

Now Still it is early to say about the public Transport and Private Schools are still Infected with viral disease or cured, thus the reason for strike calling and Taking it back remains a mystery like always.

One of the most disturbing day for all in Karachi and other cities of Sindh, totally unethical way of politics, majority of the people were against MQM stance due to their unethical manners.

nevertheless, yet Government / COAS / CJP has to decide about prompt changes and strategy for Karachi, If one political party can shut down the city like switching off the button than I wouldn’t be proud of Pakistan Army nor Government this shows how weak our institutions are when political stake holder calls and takes back.

Beside all, I call it Tom & Jerry Show , I know it’s disrespecting Just Fine Legendary Cartoon but I am not Interested in writing usual way of Journalists, so for now That’s all folks !

Next time I will add the Audio Music too, to make it more interesting.

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