Karachi: MQM’s strike call on Thursday

KARACHI: MQM’s strike call the Sindh, Technical board has cancelled all the exams scheduled for Thursday. Reason? wondering well it’s against the violent crimes like targeted killings and extortion rampant in the metropolis.

So the ( Youm e Soog ) from outside from inside it’s Strike, now Political parties don’t prefer to use this word but everything goes according to the plan, by which neither the violence nor the target killing gonna get stopped but surly those who are on daily wages will suffer the most.

That’s a kick start for Pakistan, the day when Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader, Mian Nawaz Sharif, was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Pakistan for a record third time.

MQM Coordination Committee has appealed to the businessman and transporters to keep their businesses closed and vehicles off roads.

Thank God Appealed ! usually they don’t Moreover, All Private School Association has also announced to keep the educational institutions closed across Sindh.

It is ironic that the day on which the rest of the Pakistan will be celebrating the historic incumbency of a democratic government the Sindh will be ‘mourning’ with no transport on the roads, no attendance in the schools, and thousands of daily wagers who would not be able to make both ends meet on that day.

Thumbs up !

Karachities Enjoy, by the way CNG is closed on Friday once  you get over with MQM , Government is always there to torture you one or the other way SSGC Zindabad !

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