Karachi – After Friday’s Supreme Court’s contempt of court notice to the MQM Chief Altaf Hussain 930 pm ( Media channels reported ) Unknown but even a blind and deaf can make out who forcefully shutter down the city, Ariel firing reported in many areas, police and rangers disappeared from the streets of Karachi at night.

Today’s  Tribune newspaper says ” Unannounced Strike ” very unprofessional source of information which fails to even know why or who even mentions that MQM workers hiding their sentiments about Supreme court. The Strike was even supported by the Government due to which even the all exams were cancelled.

Yesterday normal life was paralyzed and hardly there was any traffic on the roads since morning petrol pumps shops remained closed, neither they got any notification from the government nor the MQM but If it was about SPLGA 2012 than I am sure Government would have forced shop keepers, height of injustice.

Supreme Court must take notice of it and ask the government, meanwhile Pakistani Local Media Channels and Print Media stop publishing lies, show some professionalism.

People already has suffered alot and don’t seem to find any hope for the end of Karachi Killings, which been the Cancer for the Citizen and turned physiological patients. In such situation it is governments duty to ensure law and order and to restore City life back to normal life instead government did nothing about it Saturday.

Life here in Karachi has became an example of itself, can’t compare with any other city in the whole wide world where almost 20 million people stuck up undecided and government seems to be busy in activities which none can see. Supreme Court of Pakistan Must ask Sindh High Court to  ensures the complete and full injury of Saturday’s  ” Unannounced Strike ” and Friday’s Chaos.

Does the constitution allows government to neglect and ignore the city like this and later media prints such unethical news to tell the world?

INCPak Team.



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  1. Media cant put up anything against MQM, else the reported will be dead classical case of Reporting for Feudal lord

    MQM is against Feudals but already have feudal mindset

    Tauheen e Altaf bhai qanoon ban jana chahiye ab toh anything defacto should be made dejure


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