Karachi – Severe Heat Wave Alert for next 72 hours

Karachi – A fresh heat wave heading toward Karachi and other parts of Sindh, weather update page updated about the severe Heat Wave likely to enter in next 72 hours gonna be hot in Sindh specially in Karachi.

Weather Update PK 

As most of our active members know Weather Updates PK is Tracking A Well-marked low pressure system heading towards southern Parts of Pakistan from Bay of bengal for past 2 weeks, since this Depression is nearing Southern Areas of Pakistan the Change in Upper Level Jet streams will start occurring from late 17th Sep 2015 cutting off the life line Sea Breeze of Karachi and many Parts of Sindh.

A Short term Severe Heat wave is likely to Grip Southern Parts of Pakistan from Friday 18th Sep 2015 and is likely to continue for next 3 days. Under its influence Temperature will Rise to Alarming levels in Sindh.

Karachi will also Remain under the grip of this upcoming Severe Heat wave and Temperature area likely to Rise upto 41’C to 43’C.

The Feels Like Temperatures may Reach upto 43 – 45’C

Therefore Weather Updates PK WARNS all its member to take Proper Precautionary Measure to Avoid any Related issues.

KARACHI (72 hours / 3 days) Highs:

Friday: 39-40’C
Saturday: 41-42’C
Sunday: 41-43’C

Humidity levels will also Remain between 55-75% increasing the Chances of Heat Stroke and dehydration.


– Stay Hydrated as much as possible.
– Do Not go Outside IF not necessary.
– Keep Your House Cool
– Eat Light
(They also Suffer from Such Heated Conditions).
– Since This is EID-UL-AZHA Season WE REQUEST our members to take special care of Water Supply and Ventilation / Fans for the Animals you Bought for QURBANI.

Soon after this Heatwave Short Range models showing that Invest 99B strong developed storm system will bring Rains in many parts of Sindh from 21st sep – 25th sep including Karachi , we shall update on this system by 20th Sep 2015

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has forecast that a fresh heat wave may push the mercury on the scale upto 43 centigrade in Karachi during next three days. According to officials, mainly hot and dry weather is likely to persist during next three days in most parts of the country under the current weather system, raise the heat upto 43 centigrade in Karachi.


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