KARACHI – Yesterday Chief of Army Staff Gen. Raheel Shahreef visited Karachi and he was briefed about the Karachi Operation, Meanwhile Police and Rangers doubled the snap checking ” Check Points ”  even the most luxurious and expensive vehicles were being held.

Snap checking at the Hyper Star ” Dollmen Mall ” and Chase up where most of the mobile snatching occurs finally Police was present there. Surprisingly

Also Police Snap Checking on almost all round-abounds in Clifton  and DHA area, this triggered alarm for Tinted Glasses and Fancy number plate fellas.

It appears Police and Rangers has doubled the snap checking number and bring the peace in DHA and Clifton area.

Usually these areas were considered as Safe Heaven best place to escape for high-profile criminals but after Gen Raheel Shareef’s visit it wouldn’t be wrong to say, Sindh Government is left no option but to say Yes to Karachi Operation.


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