With in one hour almost complete city has been closed, not only Karachi but the reports coming from Hyderabad , Sukkur , Mirpur Khan and various other cities of the Sindh are closed now.

It all started from Malir when MQM worker got killed, later the News came

MQM ( Haqeeqi ) Afaq Ahmed’s brother has been Kidnapped, after which the chaos turned into Storm.

The Fire Erupt at New Subzi Mandi warehouse in karachi, all the fire tenders sent there yet no further information regarding it.

meanwhile, all the offices are closed and people returning to their homes, Traffic Jam in almost all the major roads in Karachi.

The Perfect Karachi Unrest while Chief Of Army Staff is in the City and briefing God know who.

MQM announced that they will do the Press conference in a while which has been already delayed almost 2 hours now ( 4 pm PST )

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