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MQM Pakistan and PSP merger expected soon

After Altaf Hussain’s recent video released on social media in which he says ‘Farooq Sattar betrayed me’ Karachi politics is appears vacuumed had enough of disowning and false claims.

Yesterday Farooq sattar on a Saama Tv show Live with Nadeem Malik indicated that, current MQM Pakistan is interested in working in calibration with Pak Sar Zameen Party (PSP) whereas Mustafa Kamal  PSP Chief expressed his views about Farooq sattar  and company saying ‘ MQM belongs to Altaf Hussain, It was his mandate and If he is saying that his mandate has been hijacked and being misused as MQM Pakistan then Farooq Sattar  better give it up’

A turning point in Karachi politics as MQM Pakistan and PSP likely to merge up in near future to wipe off MQM London and Altaf Hussain jointly. Chances are Farooq Sattar and company joins PSP and say goodbye to MQM forever.

There’s a confusion among MQM workers as Farooq Sattar  is unable to get rid of the ghost haunting MQM Pakistan, in actual MQM belongs and governed by Altaf Hussain only, there’s shouldn’t be any confusion about it.

Farooq Sattar and Mustafa Kamal merger is going to vanish Altaf Hussain from the surface and not only leaders but people will welcome it.

Altaf Hussain’s latest speech 7th October