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Only Franchise Authorized to issue New Number Phone SIM Card

Karachi – On the Instructions by Interior Ministry  Rehman Malik  open market sales of New Phone SIMs has been banned, Shopkeepers no longer keeps and only authorized Franchise are allowed which has effected local business alot.

Talking to the Mobile Phone Market person Said ” All the cellular Network companies wiped off the SIMs ( Subscriber identification Module ) from everywhere, which means now everyone has to get the new number of any network from the franchise” 

Unauthorized sales effected violence and misuse after which Mr.Rehman Malik ordered to Ban the SIM card sale in the open market, Most effective cities like Peshawar , Quetta and Karachi been the victim of it badly.

Night Packages are still going on without any issue after the petition in the Supreme Court but Open Market SIM Card sales been effective.

Unlike before, New SIM wouldn’t be available from anywhere even ( Pan Shops) had the New Sims. Getting a new SIM card from the market is illegal. So next time you want directly go to authorized Franchise instead of finding in the market.