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Rangers seeks more powers in Sindh

Hyderabad – The Director General of Pakistan Rangers, Sindh said on SAturday that the law and order situation could only be improved if the paramilitary force was legally empowered to hold a suspect in its custody for 7 to 10 days for interrogation.

Maj-Gen Rizwan Akhtar said that the Rangers were aware of the law and order problem in Karachi, which he conceded was adversely affecting national economy. He said  the Rangers had clear directives from the judiciary that no suspect should be in its custody for more than 24 hours.

He claimed that the court released even those culprits who were red-handed caught by the Rangers for want of evidence.

The Rangers DG wanted the Sindh Assembly to pass a law to empower the Rangers to detain any suspect for seven to 10 days for interrogation. Otherwise the situation would remain unchanged, he warned. “What we are reaping today was sown in the past,” he said.

If the Police powers given to the Rangers than what difference would be the between paramilitary and government assigned police force? already Rangers has a bad record after killing young man in Benazir Bhutto Park on which Supreme Court took serious action and case went to ATC because in that case they didn’t even bothered to hold up suspect but shot him on sight in front of the media camera and didn’t took him to the hospital till he begged for his life till his last death.

After which the citizen of Karachi has lost the faith in Rangers and It would be a wrong move to give powers to the Rangers to hold suspects when Police and Judiciary already doing that duty, This shows that Paramilitary forces aren’t leaving Karachi / Hyderabad any sooner to where they actually belong ( Borders ) .

People of Karachi needs safety and assurance that such incident like before wouldn’t happen again, in which entire Nation watched the footage of Youth being murdered by Paramilitary force which has no right to kill with any valid accusation against him.

Police is doing what ever is in their reach, what I personally suggest that Rehman Malik should upgrades ( FIR ) Registration system and turn Police Stations with Computerized interlinking so that it should be like 60s era Carbon papers and call and inform but but submitting FIR here all the police stations in Karachi gets the copy of it, Investigation officers should be provided with digital equipment and trained to investigate cases technically rather than empower Paramilitary force.

Farhan Imaan

INCPak Team.