Sabeen Mahmud gunned down in Karachi

Director of Non-governmental organization “The Second Floor” (T2F) Sabeen Mahmud , was killed by unknown gunmen in Karachi on 24th April, autopsy reports are out, according to which 4 bullets were found in deceased’s  body.

The killing left a question mark on the ongoing targeted operation against the criminal elements in Karachi as the target killers are still on loose and they are still successfully targeting people without any second thoughts.

According to the postmortem reports, 2 bullets were found from her chest, while 1 bullet was recovered from her neck and face, the shots were fired from small distance.

The police called it a target killing but they are still looking for other lead.

Sabeen Mahmud was targeted by unknown men in defence phase II on 24th April. She was the director of T2F, well known non-governmental organization.

The victim was returning from a seminar when the unknown killers opened fire at her vehicle.

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