Shahzeb Khan Muder Case : He came He surrendered He’s Free

Shahzeb Khan murder case is constantly twisting and being stretched like a rubber band, even after the witnesses confirmed that Shahrukh Jatoi is the one who fired and killed Shahzeb Khan, now there’s completely new kind of issue planted ” Age Verification “.

I think all remember that Shahrukh Jatoi had NADRA CNIC from which the photo was missing from the record, Do Nadra issue CNIC under 18 years of age?

Shahrukh Jatoi, had taken the admission in MBA in Australian University? does anyone gets that far for masters before 18 years?

Now how medically are they trying to prove his age, is totally out of my senses, but the stories are going on that, Shahzeb Khan’s father is being promoted to SP and there’s a family deal going on in between.

After the ATC  Anti Terrorism Court confirmed the witness why the case is being dragged on something false and untrue, is it because to send him to Bacha Jail ( Children Jail ) Lord have mercy, Shahrukh Jatoi is too old and having Nadra CNIC now this drama is making space for something, that the Chehlum of Shahzeb Khan passes away, Election days comes over and people get blindfolded in Elections so entire transaction can be done easily.

Final verdict its going to be sentenced for 15 years ( Jailed ) what would happened Pakistani Democracy you all know but at no point he’ll be hanged till death that note it down, because Shahrukh Jatoi’s mother is a Billionaire way more than his Father, they wouldn’t let this happen and taking advantage of upcoming Pakistani Election they surely get him out of there and straight out of Pakistan.

Imadad Jatoi and pretty good relation with Former Chief Justice Dogar, when Dogar was in POWER as PCO, Choudary was suspended that’s where the tussle started actually in which Shahrukh Jatoi now playing the major role.

Eventually, if the deal got settled in between DSP KHAN almost SP and Jatoi family than there are chances that both withdraw the case if not than age verification would play the magical role, even if not that, than be ready to see He Came He Got Arrest He is Free.

There’s is no Justice in Pakistan !

Farhan Imaan


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