Shahzeb Khan murder case – culprit flee now what?

Shahzeb Khan murder case moved further ahead in yesterday’s proceeding meanwhile the actual culprit managed to flee from pakistan on december 27th 2012. Authorities not just help but they are the one behind to back support, Dubai enterance Passport number was shown on the media as well and even the DIG other police official said managed to flee ?

Shahrukh Jatoi’s passport copy obtained and shown on the media ( GEO TV ) and Officials confirmed that he managed to escape. passport

keeping the politics aside and all other issues, people think it’s the first murder case which its not at all, for those who live in Karachi knowns DHA and Clifton is well known for burger boys and behind the burget junk reality is they are always involved in outlaw activities even majority of them are the children of wealthy and well backed people, nothing to worry about ! Your father owns these streets go do what ever you feel like !

It is for the first time that such issue has been raised on this extend that supreme court has taken suo motto, Shahzeb Khan wasn’t the only one who died like this but if you are willing to know more I think you better not google up and step in these areas and ask the locals they will tell you.

Chief Justice of Pakistan said to arrest  those who are involved I think justice is always late because here money talks and in reality accused one are no longer in Pakistan, how easily they manage to escape isn’t the point at all since the police itself is highly involved, CJP needs to take action against such Police and for an ordinary Pakistan there is no justice in this country until and unless there is no unity, as for this case it will take more twists and turns and eventually end up just as the money will decide. I hope i’m wrong this time thou chances are less than 1 percent.

when the authorities are involved how does supreme court expects Justice for all? I am pointing on the Police and other officials so called Pakistani Democracy, which has no head no feet.



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