KARACHI: Startling from deep slumber, the Karachi’s central development body sealed off Sindbad amusement parks located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal area late Friday for apparent reason of defying the rules.

A team of Karachi Development Authority sealed Sindbad—a recreational resort—on using a welfare plot for commercial purposes.

KDA officials said Sindbad administration violated the KDA contract that has exceeded its stipulated time of ten years.

It should be mentioned here that Sindbad is one the main family amusement resorts where thousands of people visit all the weekdays.

Multiple Violations Were Committeed, Says KDA
Four acres of land was obtained in the name of Wonder Land at the rate of 50 paisa per square yard from KDA in 1981.

Wonder Land contracted the KDA that it will provide free-of-cost recreational facilities to the masses. But, the amusement park started committing multiple violations of the contract, according to KDA.

Instead of four acres, eight acres of land were occupied, the sources said adding the park was renamed from Wonder Land to Sindbad in 1990.

After renaming, the park put in place large swing rides in 1990. Furthermore, the park began to charge ten rupee against each entry into the pleasure ground in violation of the contract.

The citizens were charged exorbitantly for using rides that amounts to a daily income worth Rs.500,000, according to senior KDA director AK Jameel Baloch.

According to KDA official, at least ten billion rupee were accrued from the commercial use of this land over a span of ten years.

After assuming his portfolio, Minister for Local Bodies Sindh, Nasir Hussain Shah demanded record of welfare plots from the commissioner Karachi. The initial eyeopening report revealed that Sindbad was set up on a plot meant for welfare purposes and pots of money are being stashed without a penny to the KDA.

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