Sindh to be spell as ‘Sind’ now – To Hell with ASSEMBLY

Karachi: The Sindh Assembly has approved Sindh Laws Amendment bill 2012, according to which the official spelling for the province Sindh will now be Sind.

According to the bill‚ the letter “H” from Sindh has been removed. Now it will be written as Sind instead of Sindh.

The name was reportedly derived from the Indus River which was known to the Arabs as al Sind and as Sindhu in Sanskrit.sImage

” In Sindhi language we call Sindh and the people natives are known as Sindhi those who speak ! I Never considered Assembly as the representatives because bunch of people cannot be the destiny deciders of the nation. simply my personal view weather Now know as ” Govt of Sind ” Like it or not  To hell with you and your amendment I will Speak and This is my Civil Right ! “

It  is Sindh and It will Remain Sindh .


Farhan Imaan

Comments by INCPak Team Members 

 Parwez Bughio This is really disappointing. It has always been Sindh and Sindhi. This petty government is trying hard to lose our identity.

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