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Six children burned to death while sleeping in Orphanage Mirpurkhas

MIRPURKHAS : According to INCPak sources around Six children burned to death while sleeping and 9 injured after fire broke out in Orphanage ( Yateem Khana ) located in operated by Baitul Maal, located in city’s Liaquat Town Mirpurkhas.

The fire broke out after midnight, Baitul Maal officials claim the fire was caused by a child spraying perfume on a mosquito coil. The fire brigade was immediately called after the incident. However, by the time the flames were put to rest in which six children burned to death.

INCPak correspondence Asif Baloch reached at the scene in the afternoon, where his cousin 11 years old Samad Baloch S/O Khuda Bux Baloch also burnt and died. Asif said The administration of the orphanage claims that the fire broke out due to short circuit, they are turning and twisting story however the actual cause of fire is unknown. Police Investigation is underway.

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