Trafficking for forced begging: Police recover 11 teenagers

KARACHI – Police claim to have busted a gang of kidnappers and recovered at least eleven teenagers from the captivity of kidnappers during a targeted raid in Upper Gizri area within the remits of Docks police station on Tuesday.

As per details, one of the abducted children’s father alerted the police, that his son Naveen had been missing for many days, and a man, Amir had seen him last. Police arrested suspect Amir, on whose tip-off a raid was carried out in Upper Gizri area, from where at least 11 teenagers were recovered.However, Naveen is yet to be found.

SHO Asif Jakhrani said that the abductors wanted to use the teenagers as beggars during Ramazan. The suspect Amir denied all the allegations, including kidnapping and human trafficking, and said that he runs a scrap business.

On the other hand, police have started further investigation and also initiated a campaign against the groups behind forced begging.

Jakhrani informed that the abducted children are aged between 8 and 15 years old, and belong to different parts of the city and country, including Punjab. While quoting the children, he said that the kidnappers tortured them, asking them to earn at least Rs 500 a day, and in case the desired range was not met, the hostages were tortured.

Many such groups are operating in the city. Their business is to first abduct children and later torture them and in extreme cases even maim them to beg.

On the other hand, police have started further investigation and alsoinitiated campaign against the groups behind force begging.

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