KARACHI: An aide to former president Asif Ali Zardari said the Sindh High Court on Thursday allowed the former head of state to keep a private guard and a bullet-proof car with tinted glasses for security purposes.

The court granted the above as it heard a petition seeking extra security for Zardari, due to looming threats to his life and to that of his family.

The petition was filed by the attorney of the former president in the SHC few days back.

“Yes, I filed the petition in the court seeking extra security for the former president,” Abu Bakar Zardari said.

He said that in the petition, the court was requested to grant weapons’ licenses and allow the hiring of personal guards for the security of Zardari, his son and two daughters. It also referred to a bullet-proof car with tinted glasses for the former president’s security.

The petitioner had also demanded licenses for over 100 weapons for security purposes.

He added that there was no specific threat to Zardari, but that the president had taken tough decisions against anti-democratic forces during his tenure, adding that those elements posed a threat to his life and to the lives of his family members.

“It is the typical mindset that assassinated Benazir Bhutto…and those elements still pose threats to the life of Zardari and his family,” the attorney said.

Source : Dawn


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