Yet another Strike in Karachi, Disables normal life

Yet another strike in Karachi which effects million lives and Government seems to be not worried about it at all, In my entire life I have never heard a single Strike in London nor in New York but that’s unfortunate destiny of the metropolitan city only.

Daily the innocent people dies here but when some political workers are shot dead or missing, each citizen of this pays the prize for it, that’s being very unreasonable and unfair, not only it effects the economy but disables normal life.

Pakistan under deficits and economical , energy crisis massively and top of it these Strikes really makes no sense to me, these Political Forces are stronger than law makers, that’s wonderful ! Instead of the strike they should talk it over with each other but sadly almost 30 million goes through unwanted, unacceptable event known as Strike, which waste full working day.

MQM Observes Youm e Soog or the Strike saying country wide where as even the MQM political leadership also knows they only exists in Sindh no where else in Pakistan but how beneficial strikes are, they make no difference as long it is de-stabilizing the economical structure and makes harder for each one living in the city only Karachi and Hyderabad ( Partially ) how good this strike call is for a common man, what exactly do they get out of it? does it resolve anything or should I say has it ever resolved anything? Not at all, if these strikes are constitutional than I would love to know how democracy gives the authority to the political forces to jam the normal life, disturb and irrupt the city and If it’s unconstitutional then why government is so blind.

Do we need UK’s Chief Justice to look over these issues or Indian Prime Minister? how can they stay quite and watch this all happening in the biggest city.

I Personally don’t think Pakistan stands as democratic country, enslaved by the internal and external forces , elements and the threats, which are constantly trying to damage the country for no good reason, as I mentioned earlier If the political parties and government has some clash in between concerning the reservations or anything, they should sit and talk to each other but don’t step on the stomach of ordinary person.

Strikes are never not the answer to anything beneficial for the country.

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