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Independent News Coverage Pakistan has just launched its site on 16th November 2012, we are in contact with various other News Sites , NGOs , Non Profit Organizations to work along coordinating since the INCPak is for the awareness by the people and for the people we welcome others to contact us if they are Interested in to be Our Official Partners . It would be great experience to work along together .

We believe in unity and empowering people so that they get to know the civil rights and report the issues ( Writers / Contributors are so far doing the best ) but INCPak is going forward to expand the site as we are gathering people from different occupations and walks of life, determined to give positive image and not to create chaos, INCPak is helping via Official Page Sharing is Caring where not only helping but spreading awareness by Public awareness and Notification, It is a New Trend in Pakistan the Independent Journalism has been introduced to the people, where the news from local sources as well as individuals all together are being shared along.


Farhan Imaan F.Abro

Founder & CEO, INCPak

INCPak Team