Aitzaz Hassan not known to the majority across the world specially Pakistan knew who he was until the day he sacrificed his life to save others, Recently in Hangu a terrorist tried to attack the school neither did security nor any other could stop but a young boy Aitzaz Hassan sacrificed his life blocking the way for terrorist and saved the school.

He saved hundreds of innocent lives students and teachers.

Aitzaz The Patriot son of this soil didn’t fear to sacrifice his own life to save others.

He left his mother crying but saved the sons of hundreds of mothers. That is the act of bravery and that humanity is not lost in the vast race of Humans.

He Became not only A True Hero but The Brave One. 

Mujahid Ali father of Aitzaz Hassan said he would sacrifice his other son’s too if he had to for the peace in this country, The true patriotic spirit !  Hard Slap on Terrorists face.

The bravery don’t come from any training but it comes from true devoted love for the country.

This act was an open challenge for terrorist that Pakistani Nation is rising to face you we wont be needing security again, On this act of bravery the Prime Minister of Pakistan announced to honour him with highest civilian award.

Government also announced to financialy assisted the Aitzaz Hassan’s family.

This was announced to acknowledge the sacrifice of Aitzaz Hassan.

The representative of Prime minister met the family of Aitzaz on the behalf of President and Prime Minister of Pakistan and announced to rename school as

Aitzaz Hassan Shaheed high school

Young boy is no longer around us, didn’t know that the school he used to go for education to make his parents proud, one day the same school will be named after him and will stay there till the end of the time, Became Immortal  !

Some questions arises as always are we dead or Awake? Are we aware to the challenges of our country as a nation ?

Are we awake to face the terrorist who are destroying country’s  peace?

Are we awake to face those external forces who are behind them ?

Question is  Are we like Aitzaz Hassan? When it comes to Pakistan…….

Wondering what has gone wrong with the unity among people why so divided and the distant from each other, where’s the spirit with which they fought for this Pak Sar Zameen, Why are we so lost now?

Neither did government nor did any other can solve our issue’s only we can, It is upto us like Aitzaz Hassan saved hundreds of lives and his school, each one among us can have the same spirit and Save Pakistan from these external elements those are destroying our country. 

There’s a wind of change which is alarming bell for our enemies, The Youth of Pakistan, which has kept all the differences aside and stood along to rebuild this country, today least one thing we can say for sure that There’s Aitzaz Hassan among each one of us and we are willing to sacrifice our lives for country. Neither the politicians nor the media can distract us, we have witnessed the worst and we will not let the history repeat over and over again, we’ll fight for the rights and make this possible. As being Muslim Aitzaz Hassan was our brother and our younger brother gave his life to save ours now it is upto us are we going to forget him and let the terrorists tackle or show the act of bravery.

Indeed 15 years old Aitzaz proven to the terrorists that, Pakistan is not orphan state, not just our Pak Army, Rangers , FC and Police but has millions of sons and daughters of all ages to protect this Land of Pure ” Pakistan “, May Allah place his soul in Heaven.

 INCPak pays Tribute to Aitzaz Hassan for his bravery, He became an Iconic example for The Youth of this country, that no matter what it takes, Pakistan First ! Least we will not going to forget him, Our Hero, will forever in our hearts and prayers as  The Brave one .

INCPak Salutes Aitzaz Hassan !

It is our humble request to all recite Fatihah for our hero’s soul , May Allah bless you protect us you and your family for this kind act.

Aitzaz Hassan - surah al-fatihah

By : Hamza Yousaf

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