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Investigation Reports

Investigation Reports

Download Gallup Pakistan’s new Survey 2014


Gallup Pakistan’s  Survey 2014 Opinion Poll SOCIETY Satisfaction 44% Pakistanis are dissatisfied with the current situation in Pakistan. Satisfaction is highest in KPK (57%) and lowest in Balochistan (8%). GILANI POLL/GALLUP PAKISTAN Islamabad, Apr 04, 2014 According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 44% Pakistanis are dissatisfied with the current situation in Pakistan. Satisfaction is highest ... Read More »

Farkhor Air Base Indian Air Force in Tajikistan

Farkhor Air Base

Not many people are aware that Indian Air Force exists in Tajikistan at Farkhor Air Base in collaboration with Tajikistan Air Force  ( TAF ) , Lastly former President of Pakistan Prevaiz Musharraf raised his concerns about Indian Forces existence in the region from where they can reach Pakistan within minutes. This information on the Wikipedia is completely outdated infact Google Earth doesn’t show ... Read More »

BBC documentary against Nawaz Sharif’s corruption


EXCLUSIVE BBC’s Documentary On Nawaz Sharif’s Corruption, The History of this documentary is not based on 2013 but specially with his first term as a Prime Minister of Pakistan, How this wealthy businessman made his place in the politics and became the game changer, In Zia ul Haq era he was Chief Minister of Punjab and somewhat before that, just ... Read More »

BBC News Night Short Documentary Altaf Hussain – Urdu Translated


BBC News Night Documentary about Altaf Hussain previously we published in English but on the request of the viewers we are publishing the BBC News Night Documentary on Altaf Hussain in Urdu . متحدہ قومي موومنٹ پاکستان کي ايک بڑي سياسي جماعت ہے۔ اس کے رہنما الطاف حسين گزشتہ بيس سال سے لندن ميں مقيم ہيں اور برطانوي شہريت کے حامل ہيں۔ ... Read More »

BBC 2 News Night documentary against Altaf Hussain


BBC Two aired the footage of Altaf Hussain the person remote controlling – Karachi from North London, Showing his residetion as well as the MQM office in London – highlighting the letter which Altaf Hussain wrote to Tony Blair after 9/11 , the photocopy of the letter attached for all of you to view. Dr.Farooq Sattar pointed BBC being pro ... Read More »

Apple says it got up to 5000 data requests in 6 months by Govt


NEW YORK — Apple says it received between 4,000 and 5,000 requests from U.S. law enforcement for customer data between Dec. 1, 2012 and May 31. The company, like some other businesses, had asked the U.S government to be able to share how many requests it received related to national security and how it handled them. Apple Inc. said that ... Read More »



AN AVIATOR’S ANALYSIS OF BHOJA AIRLINE CRASH By AVM Nafees A Najmi (Retd.) Recent crash of Bhoja Airline Boeing 737 on the final approach of Islamabad runway has encouraged all and sundry to give their ‘expert opinion’ on a subject, which is highly technical.* Many experts would like to lynch the owners of the airline, others feel that older aircraft ... Read More »

Bhoja Air crash , A doubt between Go or No Go always choose No Go!


The investigation report of Bhoja air crash has been finalized,  According to the investigative report, the pilot of the flight was held responsible for the crash. According to the investigation report, the co-pilot of the plane kept telling pilot Noorullah Afridi to “go round” and “pull”, but the pilot tried landing the plane even in bad weather. The pilot knew about ... Read More »

Bhoja Air plane Crash Passengers list


Bhoja Airline flight B-213 that left Karachi for Islamabad on  April 20th, 2012, evening with 122 passengers and nine crew, crashed five nautical miles from islamabad Airport. 5 new born babies and 6 other children were onboard in crashed plane. List of Bhoja Air Passengers A passenger list of plane, flight B4-213 of Bhoja Air, crashed at Koral Chowkon Islamabad Express ... Read More »

Air Blue flight ABQ-202 Investigation Report

Air Blue flight ABQ-202 Investigation Report by CAA PDF Format, Click to View or Download  Airblue Flight 202 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight which crashed on 28 July 2010 In Margalla Hills Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, killing all 146 passengers and six crew on board. The aircraft, an Airblue operated Airbus A321-231 narrow-body jet airliner, crashed in the Margalla Hills north of Islamabad during a flight from Karachi’s Jinnah International ... Read More »