Android platform is becoming popular day by day. It was designed to be truly open.Android applications uses advance hardware , software’s as well as some locally available data.The applications requires to access the following data from your phone like your text messages, phone calls , your personal data etc. On the other hand some app. developers ( hackers) take advantage from misusing your private data .The hackers make apps , attached with Malwares  that will access all your private  data.While you are  installation app the malware that was attached in app reads your data in background and transfer it to the hacker  . This process of hacking is growing rapidly.


With the cyber attacks and malicious apps targeting Android smartphones increasing in frequency, some former Apple devotees are nervous about making the switch.Mostly malware comes from rooting android phones , by installing 3rd party apps ( app installed from alternate app stores other than Google play store ) and from porn sites.

According to a new report by McAfee (security software company) , Malware is multiplying at a faster pace now than any other time in the last four years. There has been a 1.5 million increase in malware over last quarter, along with growth of newer threats, including “ransom ware” attacks, thumb drive corrupters, and botnets.

In a mobile malware report, Blue Coat notes that Android is a popular target. Here’s a look at the volume of Android malware:

dignan_chart_1_610x383taken from

These malware threats are increasing, it hasn’t yet reached the same level of threat as malicious code found on desktop computers.Google Android devices may be more vulnerable to attacks than the iPhone. The reason is that Apple’s App store is considered to be more secure due to the fact that each app must be approved to be listed in the store for download, While, apps in the Google Play store don’t need to be approved by anyone. But that doesn’t mean that the store is flooded with malicious apps. The Google Android community has stepped up efforts to actively police the store in an effort to remove apps that may cause harm.

One easy way to reduce the risk of downloading a virus on your smartphone is to only download apps from trusted app distributors, such as the Google Play Store or Amazon’s app store and stay away from any other alternate app stores.Further you can protect your smartphone via security apps which i will tell you i my next post.

A PIECE OF ADVICE :when ever you feel slow processing or big lags. in your phone do check for malwares , if your android phone gets stolen change your login passwords as quick as you can because the other person can access on it and reset your smart phone before selling it or giving for repair 🙂


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