Iskysoft PDF Editor for windows is a must have software for anyone who works with documents or I must say it is a must have software for everyone who owns a computer.

This is an All in One PDF editing software. iSkysoft PDF Editor for windows has the basic options you would expect from such a software and a lot more.

iSkysoft PDF Editor for windows allows you to create entirely new PDF files. You can create them from any word document, PowerPoint file and any excel document which is pretty neat and handy.

iSkysoft PDF Editor for windows

It gives you the option to combine two separate PDF files into one. This is a really quick process and I found it to be quite handy.

You want to convert your current PDF files into other formats then this has got hat option too. iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows has a conversion option which includes options to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word files, Excel Files, PowerPoint files, Image, Text, EPUB and HTML) or you can even edit your current PDF files.

This is not all there is to it. It’s advance functions includes something extra which you won’t see everywhere. there is a Markups option which allows you to add a comment or even highlight any part of the document as you wish. This is especially handy when you are going to notes on your computer, studying a book and want to make notes on the PDF itself.

Another amazing feature is that this software allows you to fill online PDF forms without printing the form and having to scan it again to submit it, which is very convenient.

Now this is one of my favorite features of this software and is a must have feature if you work with hard copies of documents. iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that allows you to edit, copy or search through scanned PDF files.

You also have the option to sign your PDF files, Going to the sign option you can select an area on the PDF file where you want your digital signature to be placed. This is a cool feature to have I must say. The protection option also includes Text Redaction ( this is basically censoring of text for legal or security reasons). You can select text you want to redact and it will be blacked out so no one can see it.

Now let us come to its best feature of all and that is protection of your PDF files. You won’t see a feature like this everywhere. iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows has the option to PASSWORD PROTECT your PDF files. This way you can have a piece of mind that no one can view any documents that you don’t want them to without your permission.

I must say that this is a really cool software to have and comes in handy from time to time. Above all this is all available in a very reasonable package for a very reasonable price tag.

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