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  • Mrs B

    Can I block the number using the *block number* feature on my iPhone? Or is this useless?

  • Timstatic

    Kill the person you want to block , simple

  • Rora

    We need that block button pls

  • sonam

    If I changed the number that i have given in viber… Unwanted those who have my number still able to call me through viber..?

    • INCPak

      If The Number is changed you won\’t get any unwanted calls, because the visible contact of yours would be stored with previous number which you replaced

  • Wan

    We r still waiting for the block button

  • tony

    question if i delete a viber contact from my contact list ………. will it just look like im not online to that person when they look through their viber? but will my image etc still look like i have them as a contact on viber but just that im not online?

    • INCPak