Get Free Verified PayPal Account In Pakistan


PayPal is an international online service allowing payment and money transfers to be made through internet.This service is huge popular in Europe,US and other major countries.This service allows an easy to pay and get payment method simply using internet avoiding any online hassle.Now this service has become basic payment method in online stores and payees also prefer paying through PayPal.But ...

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Download Gallup Pakistan’s new Survey 2014


Gallup Pakistan’s  Survey 2014 Opinion Poll SOCIETY Satisfaction 44% Pakistanis are dissatisfied with the current situation in Pakistan. Satisfaction is highest in KPK (57%) and lowest in Balochistan (8%). GILANI POLL/GALLUP PAKISTAN Islamabad, Apr 04, 2014 According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 44% Pakistanis are dissatisfied with the current situation in Pakistan. Satisfaction is highest ...

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The Target Credit Card Breach Involving 40 Million Accounts


U.S.A: The Target Corporation (Retail Company) has confirmed a Target Credit Card Breach that resulted in compromised credit card information, but some of the details are still missing. Chief Executive Officer Greg Steinhafel confirmed Thursday morning earlier reports that a brazen data breach had taken place. In a statement, Steinhafel said: “Target is working closely with law enforcement and financial institutions, ...

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Dubai Named As The Leading Travel Destination In The World


Just a few days after being chosen to host the 2020 World Expo convention, the glittering city of Dubai was also named the world’s leading destination at the 20th edition of the World Travel Awards which took place in Doha over the weekend. The city of superlatives, home to some of the world’s most impressive architectural and engineering feats and ...

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Banana a day keeps the doctor away

banana a day keeps the doctor away

We have all heard an apple a day keeps doctor away, now there is a new hype banana a day keeps the doctor away. Banana a most common and widely used fruits has many health benefits. Who could have thought banana could be a life saver. After knowing its benefits you will surely change the way you see a banana. ...

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