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Facebook Users In Pakistan

Facebook Users in Pakistan

Who would have guessed in 2004 that newly launched social network Facebook would end up with over one billion users across the globe today? Who could have made the even wilder prediction that 2013 onward, Facebook would be the number one visited website in Pakistan (, outranking the all- mighty Google. Today, the social networking giant’s growing impact in the country ... Read More »

Windows 8 gains ranking among other OS

windows 8

The latest version of Windows takes a bite out of the desktop operating system market with a 7.4 percent share of Web traffic in August, according to monthly stats from Net Applications. August 2013 desktop OS market share. Windows 8 appears to be picking up the pace in the desktop OS market. The latest data from Net Applications, which tracks usage ... Read More »

Pakistan Facebook Pages Statistics


Here you can see all Facebook Pages Statistics that  are currently monitored in Pakistan. You can also find the TOP 10 Facebook Pages of specific groups like brands, celebrities, places, etc. TOP 10 Brands # PAGE LOCAL FANS FANS 1 OLX Pakistan 1,929,808  2,041,399 2 Intel 1,413,069 21,394,025 3 Nokia Pakistan 1,400,939  1,482,847 4 Ufone 1,315,326  1,437,367 5 14th Street Pizza ... Read More »

Samsung smartphones beats iPhones in user satisfaction

Samsung vs Apple

Galaxy S III and Note II topped iPhone ratings in latest survey; sign of a decline in Apple’s reputation? Computerworld - Of the top-selling smartphones in the U.S. in the past year, customers ranked two Samsung smartphones higher than the last three Apple iPhone models. The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, released Wednesday, ranked both the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy ... Read More »

Samsung overtake Apple as most profitable mobile maker


Apple’s share of the smartphone market dropped in the second quarter to its lowest level in three years, research firm Strategy Analytics said. The share of the iPhone slipped to 13.6 percent in the quarter from 16.6 percent in the same quarter last year. The largest vendor Samsung Electronics, however, saw its share soar to over 33 percent from over ... Read More »

What happens on the internet in 60 seconds ?


Below is the short video about What happens on the internet in 60 seconds put together by BuzzFeed a channel on Youtube. Sociological speculation notwithstanding, the exponentially increasing computing power that pushes our online interactions to ever-dizzying speeds is surely something to pause and marvel at, if not to fear. The short video above from Buzzfeed takes us on a wild ride through the millions ... Read More »

Study: Newspaper Reporter Ranked Worst Job Of 2013, Actuary Ranked Best

News Reporter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A career site has released its rankings of the worst and best jobs of 2013. According to a newspaper reporter was ranked as the worst job of 2013 while an actuary was ranked as the best. says they reviewed a wide range of aspects that were categorized in four criteria: environment, outlook, income and stress. According to the career ... Read More »