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Saulat Mirza

The last day of Saulat Mirza’s life 18th March 2015, Tomorrow at 5:30 early dawn time he will be executed in Mach Jail , Balochistan. Saulat Mirza confesses what he did as a MQM party worker.

Yesterday on 17th, Saulat Mirza’s family met him for the last time, at Mach Jail, Balochistan – The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) activist Saulat Mirza’s plea challenging his death sentence.

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Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk heard Mirza’s appeal. The MQM activist’s lawyer, Latif Khosa, appeared before the court and requested the chief justice to revisit its earlier judgment and asked for additional evidences may be recorded.

The petition states that the incident took place on July 5, 1997, while the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), 1997 was promulgated on August 20. The petitioner has been convicted under statute 7(i)(a) of the ATA, 1997, read with 302 Pakistan Penal Code at the same time.

The petition said the death sentence awarded to Mirza should be converted into life imprisonment as a criminal cannot be awarded two types of sentences for the same crime.

Mirza is scheduled to be executed on March 19 in Mach, Balochistan for murdering Shahid Hamid, the managing director of the then Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC), his driver Ashraf Brohi and guard Khan Akbar in July 1997.

Security has been beefed up in and around the Central Prison Mach to thwart any untoward incident during the execution.

Mirza’s family members have also left for the city to meet him for the last time. The Sindh High Court ordered IG Balochistan and Home Secretary Akbar Durrani to let Mirza’s family meet him prior to his hanging. Mirza’s sister Nighat had complained to the court that she was denied access to her brother.

According to the superintendent prison, Mirza was brought to Mach Prison during the month of February 2014.

Home Secretary Akbar Durrani said Mirza is the only person on death row who would be executed in Balochistan.

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A final decision has been made where all stakeholders, cellular companies, Interior Ministry, Ministry of IT and Telecom and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority have agreed to re-verify SIMs with biometric verification system with-in next 90 days and block all unverified SIMs after the deadline is met, we have confirmed with sources.

Mobilink Already started sending SMS to their customers to visit the Mobilink Customer Center or Franchise to get their SIM verified, however other networks hasn’t started SMS Alerts.

Now, after a series of meetings, deliberations and a lot of push from Interior Ministry, the decision has been made that telcos will have to re-verify their 103 million subscribers in exactly 90 days, a Pakistan Telecommunication Authority spokesperson confirmed with ProPakistani.

Telcos will have to re-verify their subscribers with biometric verification system in exactly 90 days.

After the deadline, remaining un-verified numbers will be blocked, the official added.

The process for re-verification of SIMs is started from Monday, i.e. January 12th, 2015.

Telcos had estimated that some 40% of all active SIMs might get blocked after the re-verification exercise is completed, however, that was for 11 months’ deadline. With the deadline squeezed to just 90 days now, the number if SIMs that will get blocked due to non-verification may be significantly higher.

Phase 1 For Reverification of SIMs

First phase will start from January 12th, 2015 till February 26th, 2015.

During this time, following SIMs will be verified:

  • Subscribers in Karachi, Peshawar, DI Khan, DG Khan Cities, Border Areas (FATA) & Balochistan Province
  • Subscribers in Rest of Pakistan who have more than three SIMs per CNIC

SIMs to be Blocked after First Phase: On February 27th, all un-verified SIMs from above list will be blocked.

Phase 2 For Reverification of SIMs

Starting Feb 27th, 2015, following customers will be re-verified:

  • Customers across Pakistan with two or less SIMs per CNIC per operator

SIMs to be Blocked after Second Phase: On April 14th, all un-verified SIMs will be blocked.

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Nilofar Updates : The Cyclone Nilofar has change over past 24 hours, previously it was severe one but today, in the satellite images it can be seen that, now the it has lost the pace as it makes toward Sindh, Pakistan.

Nilofer Cyclone Update: If you are in Karachi, NO NEED TO PANIC at this stage – Karachi is off from the path that is currently projected, please expect rain and stronger than normal winds, but NOTHING SEVERE.

The good news is, that the International Typhoon Alert Center predicts that Cyclone Nilofer will start losing force from tomorrow. The image attached shows the declining wind speed and ferocity. When it makes land fall, average wind speed at the epicenter is expected to be 25 knots (around 55 Km).

Absolutely NO NEED TO PANIC at this stage!

Karachi’s weather

Karachi weather


Pakistan Meteorologist Department issues statement

Severe Tropical Cyclone (Nilofar) in Arabian Sea has weakened rapidly and converted into a “Cyclonic Storm” and now located at Lat. 20.4°N and Long. 64.6°E, about 560 km in southwest of Karachi.

The Cyclonic Storm would continue to move north-eastward with a speed of 12 km/hour in next 24 hours.  At present the estimated central pressure of Cyclonic Storm is 996 hpa and the average sustained wind speed around is 45-50 Knots gusting up to 55 Knots.  The Cyclonic Storm is likely to further weaken into a Depression over the water in Northeast Arabian Sea near the coast of Lower Sindh (Thattah) and Indian Gujrat on Friday evening/night.

Under the influence of this Cyclonic Storm, widespread rain/thundershowers with isolated heavy falls accompanied by strong gusty winds are expected in Lower Sindh and the adjoining coast of Lasbella from tonight till Saturday. The sea conditions along Pakistan coast are likely to remain rough to very rough on Friday/Saturday. The fishermen of Sindh and Balochistan are advised not to venture in the sea on Friday/Saturday.

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Karachi: Cyclone Nilofar, building in the Arabian Sea, is due to hit India’s Gujarat state and Pakistan’s southern coastal areas on Friday morning, media reported.

The coastal belt of the city will be closed from Monday night as a precautionary measure for Tropical Storm Nilofar.

Police said the coastal belt will be closed for two days. Police have also ordered to close all restaurants located on the coastal belt.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has warned local agencies to take precautionary measures ahead of the cyclone.

Fishermen have been advised not to venture into the open sea from Wednesday to Friday, and those already at sea have been told to come back to shore.

“We have instructed our provincial chapter to warn fishermen that they should refrain from fishing in the sea for few coming days,” NDMA spokeman Ahmed Kamal told International News Agency.


Gallup Pakistan’s  Survey 2014

Opinion Poll


44% Pakistanis are dissatisfied with the current situation in Pakistan.

Satisfaction is highest in KPK (57%) and lowest in Balochistan (8%).

Islamabad, Apr 04, 2014
According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 44% Pakistanis are dissatisfied with the current situation in Pakistan. Satisfaction is highest in KPK (57%) and lowest in Balochistan (8%).
A nationally representative sample of adult men and women, from across the four provinces was asked “Please tell me, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the current situation in Pakistan?” Responding to this, 8% said they are completely satisfied, 21% say they are somewhat satisfied and 20% said they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. 23% said they are somewhat dissatisfied and 21% replied they are completely dissatisfied. 7% did not respond.
A provincial breakdown reveals that 6% of respondents from Punjab say they are completely satisfied, 21% say they are somewhat satisfied and 21% said they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. 27% said they are somewhat dissatisfied and 16% replied they are completely dissatisfied.
For Sindh, 7% of the respondents say they are completely satisfied, 19% say they are somewhat satisfied and 17% said they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. 19% said they are somewhat dissatisfied and 38% replied they are completely dissatisfied.
With regards to KPK, 22% of the respondents say they are completely satisfied, 35% say they are somewhat satisfied
and 17% said they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. 6% said they are somewhat dissatisfied and 12% replied they are completely dissatisfied.
In Balochistan, 1% of the respondents say they are completely satisfied, 7% say they are somewhat satisfied and 33% said they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. 41% said they are somewhat dissatisfied and 18% mentioned complete dissatisfaction with the situation.
The study was released by Gilani Foundation and carried out by Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International. The recent survey was carried out among a sample of 2542 men and women in rural and urban areas of all four provinces of the country, during Mar 10, 2014 – Mar 17, 2014. Error margin is estimated to be approximately ± 2-3 per cent at 95% confidence level.
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