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Ufone ends free facebook and whatsapp, and data charges willl be started from 15 March 2015, according to customer data Package.

SAD news  , recently Whats app calling feature enabled  which made free VOIP possible and Ufone is now ending social packages, already calling feature was enabled for free on facebook messenger but after whats app it was more fun, much clear and easy calling to anyone, unlike skype which sucks.


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Audio status

 Facebook has introduced many new features during 2013 which includes embedding Facebook posts,timeline user interface updates and also audio messaging by using Facebook app or messenger on Android or iOS but yet there is no such option on PC Facebook by which we can easily post audio status updates. However today,while checking chrome store i have found a app by which we can record our voice and post audio status on Facebook and we can also send audio messages by PC with this extension.

  • First of all you need to install Talk and Comment extension in your chrome browser.

Install Talk and Comment Extension

  • So after installing extension a new tab will open asking for permission to use your microphone.In case a new tab does not open ,click on the small MIC icon you see near the address bar of your browser’s window, followed by options on the bottom of that small window.

That Browser window will ask you for permission of using your microphone.Simply give access to extension by clicking on Allow button.



After giving access to your microphone simply visit Facebook and update your audio status. There you would see small MIC icon,Simply press that to record your voice ,as you would have done on messenger or on Whatsapp to record your voice.After you have recorded your voice release that icon to upload audio note. Then once the uploading is finished you will get a link to the uploaded audio note.Now just press enter to post your status and your post will get transformed into a player .You can click on the play button to listen your recorded audio.

So this was all about this Talk and Comment Extension which allows us to post audio status as well as send audio messages. So guys enjoy posting audio status on facebook and be the first one to post audio status rather than those old written posts :P .But if you want your all friends to have player ,do share this extension with them and ask them to install this extension to directly play the audio status.

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Facebook lite

Facebook lite is out for low-end Android devices – Specifically for 2G networks as compared to normal Facebook app which consumes RAM .

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been hard at work connecting the world with not only his social network, but with basic internet access, too. In another step towards doing so in developing areas, the folks in Menlo Park are rolling out Facebook Lite: a version of its Android app that’s meant to use less data and work well regardless of network speeds. In fact, it’s specifically designed for browsing on 2G networks and in locales where connectivity is extremely limited. At less than 1MB, the software makes for a quick install to wrangle messaging, status updates, and other core features that Facebook users employ. [ Engadget ]

facebook lite

Facebook Lite is in the testing phase, and it’s only available in Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe for the time being. However, the app requires Android 2.2, making it an option for most users — even those wielding low-end devices.

Update: A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed that the social network is “testing a version of Facebook for Android called Facebook Lite that is designed for people on 2G connections or in areas of limited internet accessibility.”

INCPak Team Member Azhar Baloch – Tested  Facebook Lite app and recorded a demo for you guys, Most of the features, User Interface and Layout is like normal Facebook App .

Facebook Lite Video Review 



  • Facebook lite App Info 
  • Fast to install — the app is less than 1 MB
  • Quick to load
  • Efficient with data
  • Designed for 2G networks and areas with limited network connectivity


Facebook Lite is available on Google Play Store but  you cannot download this app in Pakistan directly,

Download from the link given :- Facebook lite 

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DIMO S410 Rom for QMobile Noir i12 is the 3rd Rom added by Syed Ahmed Ali Shah ( INCPak Team Senior Member ) Who has the World record for Fastest Rom Porter, previously he Ported Roms for QMobile Noir i9 , QMobile Noir A900 , GFive Tango , Oppo , Huawei and This time QMobile Noir i12.


Sharing the Screenshots

DIMO S410 rom for QMobile Noir i12


Download link



You can join our INCPak Forum  ”  Group ” on Facebook for the technical assistance, Sir Ahmed Ali Shah is available there, as well other INCPak Team members, infact all the Group members are cooperative and helpful.

Feel free to leave your valuable feedback here, suggestions and we’ll reply you back ASAP !


Credits :- 


Syed Ahmed Ali Shah             Screenshots + Download link.

Farhan Imaan Abro                Post

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LG G3 Rom for Qmobile Noir i12

LG G3 Rom for Qmobile Noir i12 - QMobile Noir i12 users, guys it’s your time because Syed Ahmed Ali Shah is porting different Roms for Qmobile Noir i12 – earlier I thought it would be difficult but Shah Sahab proved me wrong.

L3 G3 Rom is the 2nd Rom which is ready to be shared publicly

 NOTE : LG G3 Rom for Qmobile Noir i12 is for the set with sdcard option and it can not be installed from internal storage

LG G3 Rom for QMobile Noir i12



Download Link



Join INCPak Forum  on Facebook for the technical assistance, feel free to comment we’ll answer your query, your feedback is valuable for us.

How to Flash !!

It is always recommended to make a full backup of your stock ROM on PC through MTKDroid Tools and make a backup of IMEI/NVRAM through that tool also.

  1. Download the  LG G3 Rom  from the link given above. Remember: Its been tested on QMobile Noir i12. There is not a guarantee that it will install on clone devices.
  2. Copy the ROM to Sd-card root directory without extracting the zip file.
  3. Goto Recovery. There are two methods to go to Recovery. ONE: Press the Power Button + Vol UP + Vol DOWN buttons together for 6-7 seconds and then press Power UP again to goto recovery. TWO: Or you can use any rebooter app which are present at Play Store to enter Recovery Mode.
  4. Once in Recovery Mode, click on Wipe Menu and then Wipe all the four as follows. Wipe DataFactory Reset (This will erase all your personal data.) Wipe Cache Wipe Dalvik Cache Format system (This will erase your current ROM, so please only do this when you’ve backup of your previous ROM)
  5. After the whole Wipe process, click on Install zip and then click on Choose zip sdcard.
  6. Now select the zip that you copied to your sd-card in the 2nd Step.
  7. Click Yes on any confirmation message regarding the installation of the zip.
  8. The installtion will take around 30-40 seconds.
  9. When installtion is complete, go back to Main Menu and click on Reboot the Phone.
  10. First bootup will take some time (e.g 3-4 Minutes). Please be patient.
  11. After the bootup, go through the initial LG G3 Rom setup and then Enjoy.

Credits :-


Syed Ahmed Ali Shah                    Rom + Screenshots

Farhan Imaan Abro                       Post