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Noir A20 CWM, TWRP and Stock Recovery – Download


  BEFORE YOU FLASH ANYTHING READ THIS CAREFULLY. IT IS NOT A WASTE OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME. Recovery is the key ingredient for Flashing ROMs and customizing your personal android device the way you want it. Sometimes Recoveries are required to root the device, like we did in Noir A50. This page includes 4 recoveries for the Beautiful Noir A20. ... Read More »

Huawei Tron – Android Gaming Console


Tron by Huawei. Now as China has lifted it’s ban on foreign gaming Consoles, it’s own BIGGEST manufacturer ‘Huawei’ is ready to release such a Device. It is user friendly cylindrical canister that runs Android 4.2 and outputs a 1080p video feed to your nearest TV via HDMI. The Tron contains a Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16/32GB ... Read More »

Qmobile Noir A500 – CWM Recovery

Qmobile A500

Once Again INCPak has brought you an amazing News.  Finally after alot of Requests , All the qmobile noir A500  users can also have a custom recovery. many attempts made but none of them worked but, now a youngster, named Mr. Hamza Yousaf, a part of INCPak  has nailed it. CWM has been tested on qmobile noir a500  and is ... Read More »

Qmobile Noir A5 Classic – TWRP recovery

qmobile a5 classic

Once Again INCPak has brought you an amazing News, finally after alot of Requests , All the A5 classic users can also have a custom recovery. many attempts made but none of them worked but, now a youngster, named Mr. Ahmed Bilal Sheikh has nailed it. TWRP has been tested and is working flawlessly. Muhammad shahrom ali and Ahmed Bilal ... Read More »

Qmobile Noir A500 – Stock ROM

noir a500

Once Again INCPak comes with The Stock ROM. But this time it’s Noir A500, The Fats, Quad core supported powerful Q mobile with android 4.2, and Stock ROMs Most Wanted. This is the Original Stock ROM by Qmobile, with Q bloatware included. it is pre rooted and also is fast. Note : Neither Me, Nor Any member from INCPak team ... Read More »

Qmobile Noir Quatro Z3 – Specification and Price down 26,500/- PRK

z3 Qmobile

The Ultimate Smart Phone Qmobile Noir Quatro Z3 price has been reduced previously it was 29,500 retail price in Pakistan, which is now 26,500 . There are mix views about this phone Z3 doesn’t support Sd card which makes this phone almost alike Xperia series. Proxy linked direct access youtube Video Review Noir Quatro Z3 – Live a Passionate Life Quad ... Read More »

LG announced flexible curved smartphone screen

LG Flexible Screen

LG announced on Monday that it will start mass-producing a flexible, curved smartphone screen. Its first devices to use the new 6-inch OLED screens will be available next year. LG and others also market the screens as unbreakable. It’s not entirely clear what the practical benefits are of a curved, concave 6-inch screen, beyond the novelty of having a curved ... Read More »

$100 Bill hi-tech features & facts you might not know

$100 bill

The Federal Reserve today began circulating a new $100 bill with a modern design and smarter security with hi-tech features. New design $100 plagued by creasing, ink and printing issues since 2010 Federal Reserve now says all problems have been resolved Bills will roll out in armoured trucks across the U.S. today They have a new ribbon and changing color bell to thwart counterfeiters ... Read More »

Qmobile Noir A55 Price & Specification

Qmobile Noir A55

Qmobile Noir A55 another budget android smartphone by qmobile with sleek design and latest version of OS JellyBean.The new Sleek and Exquisite Qmobile Noir A55 is your ultimate choice for a smartphone with Android Jelly Bean, the latest version. With 1.3 GHz Dual core processor of Qmobile Noir A55 takes you on the ride of entertainment and information at an unprecedented speed like never before. The 4.0′ WVGA LCD eloquent ... Read More »

VGO TEL smartphone V2 price & specification


Another chinese company emerged called VGO TEL in Pakistan launched a new Android smartphone VGO TEL Venture 2. The company has very low popularity in Pakistan and its phone does not gets success as built quality is not very impressive. The VGO TEL Venture 2 looks are fine, you can see in the picture below & specs are also but ... Read More »